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Vaginal dryness? The daily answer of proven efficacy.

The Problem

The vaginal dryness is a frequent problem of perimenopausal and postmenopausal period, even if a lack of vaginal lubrification can occur at any age. The lack of vaginal lubrification is often accompanied by itch and burning sensation around the vagina opening and in its lower part. The unsufficient lubrification is due to the decrease of lubricating fluid coating the vaginal walls. This natural lubricant is being produced by the walls of blood vessels that surround the vagina together with special glands. The hormonal changes produced by the period as well as the aging process affect the quantity and the consistency of this fluid. The unsufficient lubrification could be also caused by the estrogen quantity, by the excessive and incorrect use of intimate washes, by the aggressive cleansers and other factors due to consumption/contact with certain drugs or substances.

Natural Remedy

Hyaluronic acid:

Having moisturizing action.


Beet extract having high moisturizing and protective capacity for skin and mucosa.

Lactic acid:

Prevents the development of pathogenic germs.